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Cheering Charlotte: Is Nina Being Ridiculous on General Hospital?

Nina and Charlotte General HospitalNina and Charlotte General Hospital

General Hospital is known for its supportive parents. No matter how many people Jason (Steve Burton) kills or how badly he treats his family, Monica (Leslie Charleson) can’t stop coming back for more punishment. Franco (Roger Howarth) the serial killer is held up as the ideal stepfather.

But no one – not even Sonny (Maurice Benard), who is universally accepted as being the best of everything in Port Charles – is as devoted of a parent as Nina (Michelle Stafford).

Recently, she took time away from Chase’s (Josh Swickard) self-defense class to defend her precious Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) to Liz (Rebecca Herbst). Liz is still upset over Charlotte bullying Aiden. But Nina suggested Aiden should just grow a thicker skin.

Has Nina gone too far on her stepdaughter’s behalf? Here is the verdict according to almost 14,000 fans!

Crazy Mama Drama
Are you kidding me, 94% shake their heads in dismay? Nina passed too far and went straight into inappropriate weeks ago.

When a teacher like Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) says your kid is a bully, listen to her. Sure, hear your kid out. Sure, listen to her side of the story. Sure, try to figure out why she might be bullying her classmate. And then do something about it!

It’s possible to always have your kid’s back AND make clear to them that you won’t put up with bad behavior.

What do you think? Post a comment!

But first, you have to identify the behavior. Burying your head in the sand and shrieking, “My pretty, precious princess never does anything wrong,” is… not good parenting.

Right On
What would Nina know about good parenting, a tiny 6% of you point out. She was raised by MADELINE (Donna Mills). Madeline never stood up for her daughter.

She drugged her into a coma and sold her baby right out from under her! Nina is just trying to be the mom to Charlotte that she wishes Madeline had been to her!

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