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General Hospital Poll Results: What’s the Perfect Mix of Franco and Drew?

Drew and Franco General HospitalDrew and Franco General Hospital

On General Hospital, Franco is undergoing the procedure to remove the Drew from his brain. Yes, that’s an actual sentence about something that is actually happening on an actual soap opera.

Once upon a time, Franco (Roger Howarth) was a happy-go-lucky ex-serial killer turned loving husband to Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and stepfather to three boys.

But then, he downloaded some memories belonging to Drew (Billy Miller), ex-Navy Seal, one-time presumed father to one of Liz’s boys, actual father to the dead Oscar (Garren Stitt), loving pseudo son to Monica (Leslie Charleson). And now he’s quite dead… until he’s needed again.

After Franco comes out from under anesthesia, who will he be? Over 5,000 express their wishes:

Finally Franco

A landslide 85% want him to be Franco again – no one else. You miss the guy who pretended to rape Sam (Kelly Monaco) and let her think he might have fathered Danny. Then it turned out a tumor caused those bad days. You miss the post-tumor Franco who fell in love. Let Franco be Franco. He can do no wrong.


How about a nice blend, 14% of the audience counters. Drew was trained military. Franco could use some of those skills. And he liked Monica. She could use some of that. But as long as he still loves Liz, nothing else really matters.

Dregs of Society

Less than 1% would like there to be no change at all. He should remain Drew. Liz who?Then again, another tiny grouping would like the surgery to kill Franco. That would fix the problem once and for all.

And then there are those who want Drew-Plus. Does that mean more posturing, more ‘Ma’am-ing’ and more Southern accent that comes and goes? Kind of like his lawyer’s (Michael E. Knight)… General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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