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General Hospital Recap: Sam Actually Cried Over Drew’s Death

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Monday, October 14 features a not good, very bad day for many of Port Charles residents — especially Sam McCall who got some terrible news than found herself placed into police custody.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) arrived at the hospital excited to see baby Donna but Sonny (Maurice Benard) who had an update on Drew. The plane’s black box was recovered and it appears the aircraft crashed due to extreme weather. Furthermore, the WSB is officially declaring Drew deceased.

Sam initially handled the news in a cool and detached manner but, later, she broke down in front of Jason. Stone Cold wasn’t exactly buying the whole “bad weather” excuse and he especially wasn’t buying the coincidence that the plane went down the exact same day that Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) was nearly stabbed to death.

Meanwhile, Peter (Wes Ramsey) sent a flunky to pose as Bryce Henderson’s lawyer and together the two formulated a story to sell to the cops. When he’s on the record interrogation began anew, Bryce said that Sam hired him to break Shiloh out of jail because she had a ‘score to settle’ with him.

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Jordan called Sam and asked her to return to the station for more questioning but when Sam arrived an FBI agent placed her in custody. Jason, having caught a glimpse of Bryce, got his mugshot and showed it to Andre. After seeing another photo of the same man, but with a beard, Andre exclaimed that he was the person who stabbed him!

Confrontation Time

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) had the misfortune to run into Kim (Tamara Braun) at the hospital and the two women engaged in a war of the words. Elizabeth struck a nerve when she wondered if Kim was so gung ho to protect ‘Drew’s’ rights since she had failed to consider Oscar’s feelings about his medical treatment.

Kim felt it was a low blow but seemed to confirm her former friend’s suspicions. Elizbeth also pointed out that maybe …continue reading on the next page —>

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