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General Hospital Poll Results: Should Brad Do Jail Time?

Brad and Lucas General HospitalBrad and Lucas General Hospital

Did Brad actually commit a crime on General Hospital? Yes, he took Michael’s (Chad Duell) son and raised him as his own for over a year. But Nelle (Chloe Lanier) willingly handed the tot over. And she is his biological mother.

General Hospital Polling

Technically, Brad (Parry Shen) didn’t forge adoption papers. He signed adoption papers for Willow’s (Katelyn MacMullen) baby… then passed another child off as that one. He didn’t even illegally bury the first baby Wiley. He handed him over to Nelle, who handed him to Michael, who buried him as “Jonah.”

So… lots of moral culpabilities. But was there actually a crime worthy of sending Brad to prison over? What over 6,000 legal eagles decreed:

Throw the Book At Him

Surely, something illegal happened, 72% of you plead. Go back and read that rule book again. Or, better yet, ask Diane (Carolyn Hennesey). She knows every legal loophole available (though she prefers to employ them for the defense). How can this not be kidnapping? Brad knew that Wiley was Michael’s child, and yet he still kept Father and Son apart. He upset Sonny (Maurice Benard) sad. Doesn’t that usually warrant a death penalty?

Heal the World

Brad in jail doesn’t help anyone. However, he is a lab tech. Couldn’t his skill be put to use via many, many hours of community service, 21% of General Hospital fans wonder? Like, say, if there was a pandemic virus with no vaccine going around. Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone with lots of lab experience were working to come up with a cure? Say, like, night and day? Cruel and unusual punishment? What’s that?

Bad Enough

Only 7% think that losing Lucas (Ryan Carnes) is enough of a punishment for Brad. He has no more husband, he has no more son. He’s already in hell. Jail would just be redundant. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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