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General Hospital Poll Results: Fans Pick Sonny’s Next Big Move

Jason, Sonny, Carly General HospitalJason, Sonny, Carly General Hospital

General Hospital fans know their Sonny! The man has always got something big brewing. He’s got people to whack, barware to destroy, women to impregnate, and “coffee” to sell.

General Hospital Polling

But that’s not enough for almost 6,000 fans. You voted on what else he should be doing when the show returns:

Give Up And Grieve

A majority 83% have been as moved by Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) plight with Mike (Max Gail) as they are by any and all actions Sonny takes. Out of love for his family.

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But enough is enough. You think Sonny should stop fighting it and let Mike die with at least some shred of dignity left. We know he’ll miss his dad and this will break his heart, but to everything, there is a season and Mike is nearing the end of his.

Play Dad

With his own dad gone, 15% of the audience believes Sonny should go play super dad with Michael (Chad Duell) and support him in the custody battle against Nelle (Chloe Lanier). He can offer tips about how to take a child away from its biological parent. Has Michael tried hanging Nelle on a meat-hook and forcing her to sign papers giving up all rights to Wiley? It totally works, son!

Fight, Fight, Fight the Dimming Of the Light

Only 2% of the viewers have any interest in watching Sonny fight for Mike’s life. There are some things even Sonny can’t do. Sure, he can end people’s lives. But he can’t prolong them. And does Mike even want to continue on living the way he is now? We realize Sonny doesn’t want to let go. But the fans believe it’s time. And they’re saying that’s a hard pass on Sonny versus Mother Nature. Even in the name of the father. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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