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Are You Ready For The Nurses’ Ball on General Hospital?

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It’s a new year, which means it’s time for another Nurses’ Ball in Port Charles. The flashy festivities have become a popular part of General Hospital.

Fans look forward to the annual gala and having Lucy (Lynn Herring) back to host the show. It always provides for a few days of laughter, fun, and high fashion — from the red carpet arrivals to the array of performances by the show’s talented cast. Soap Hub asked what General Hospital fans like most about the Nurses’ Ball. Here’s what you had to say on the subject.

The Performances
A whopping 84% of you enjoy the performances at the Nurses’ Ball most of all. It gives you a chance to see another side of the soap’s cast. You’ve loved watching Wally Kurth rock out as Ned and fondly remember Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Emma’s (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) touching father-daughter duet a couple of year’s back, not to mention the men of Port Charles doing their annual Chippendales-style dance. It’s always a fabulous few episodes.

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The Storyline Breather
Meanwhile, 12% of you like something entirely different about the ball; the fact that it gives you a breather from all the storyline sturm und drang in PC. Watching 51 weeks of heavy daytime drama can take its toll on you. After enduring something as emotional as Morgan’s death and as frightful as Olivia’s (Tonja Walker) reign of terror, you’re eager for a happy break.

Something Else
The final 4% of fans enjoy everything as well as other things about the ball. While some of you like the event as a whole, others are all about the red carpet arrivals and interviews. Still others look forward to the drama and romance that plays out during the festivities, like Brad’s romantic proposal to Lucas.

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