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General Hospital News: Teresa Castillo Takes On Adorable New Role

General Hospital, Teresa CastilloGeneral Hospital, Teresa Castillo

When Sabrina Santiago met an untimely death at the hands of Paul Hornsby on General Hospital, actress Teresa Castillo still had plenty to do with two children under the age of three at home.

Teresa Castillo: Animated Star

She’s kept herself busy with theater and small roles but now she is ready to make her animated Hulu debut in the series Madagascar: A Little Wild.

Castillo took to Instagram on Monday to tell us about her new role, something her children, Victoria and Sebastian, are sure to love.

Meet GINA! 🕊💁🏻‍♀️ Madagascar: A Little Wildpremiers on #HULU today. You can catch my very first animated role 🥳introduced in Episode 2.SO MUCH FUN playing this character. Thank you @dreamworks!💖 Grab your littles and enjoy this adorable show!”

The actress is poised to lend her voice to two episodes of the Hulu series based on the hit feature film franchise. Madagascar: A Little Wild is described as follows: “The early years of the Madagascar heroes Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo, as they grow up in a rescue habitat at the Central Park Zoo,” according to IMDB.

Sabrina was first introduced to the Port Charles scene in 2012 as timid nurse Sabrina Santiago, cousin to Juan, the son Lily Rivera had with Miguel Morez back in the 1990s. After Sabrina literally let her hair down, she fell for Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson), and the pair nearly married until his not-so-dead wife, Robin, interrupted their wedding in an iconic scene.

She later fell for Michael, but had a one-night stand with her ex, Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vicent Parise) and gave birth to his son. She was finally ready to be happy with Michael but was then surprisingly killed during the Paul Hornsby serial killer story.

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