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General Hospital News: Matt Cohen and His Son Macklin Interview Elmo

Matt Cohen ElmoMatt Cohen Elmo

Former General Hospital heartthrob Matt Cohen, who now works as a correspondent for the Emmy Award-winning entertainment newsmagazine, Entertainment Tonight, may have some new competition for his job—and it’s coming from his own household!

Matt Cohen Has A Great Partner

Cohen, who also serves as co-anchor on ET’s weekend show, recently had the chance to interview Sesame Street icon Elmo and brought along his young son Macklin to help him with the interview.

The actor tweeted a link to his interview and posted an alarming message about his future. “He is taking my job!!!!!” Cohen wrote, probably sensing that once people saw the adorable job Macklin did, he could be replaced.

The video shows the father-and-son duo interviewing Elmo, who is decked out in a suit, about his show, The Not Too Late Show.

With a sharp haircut and shirt similar to his dad, Macklin’s first question to the Sesame Street legend was, “What’s it like hosting your own show?” As Elmo talked about how fun it was, you could see Macklin laughing over the excitement.

He then asked, “Who are your favorite guests on your show?” Elmo mentioned the Jonas Brothers and showed a clip of the popular group dancing along with Cookie Monster and Elmo. He also mentioned Jimmy Fallon.

Macklin finished the interview with a joke for Elmo. “Why did the bird fly into your house?” with the answer (spoiler alert) being something that Cookie Monster would have definitely known.

Then Matt wanted to get into the action and told a “dad” joke of his own. “What has two thumbs and is super excited right now?” He then pointed to himself and said, “This guy” prompting laughs from his son and Elmo.

If Macklin does indeed replace his dad on ET, GH fans would surely welcome Dr. Griffin Munro back to the canvas and maybe finally get more answers about his past. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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