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Could General Hospital’s Nelle Really Be Lila Rae Quartermaine?!?

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On General Hospital, Hurricane Nelle blew into town with a specific agenda, but we have yet to know what it is.

It appears that the seemingly sweet and perfect young woman has a target she wants to destroy–and her name is Carly (Laura Wright). It doesn’t seem that she wants to hurt Sonny and even seems to feel a little guilty about him being collateral damage.

Nelle seems to feel no guilt about hurting Carly though, which made us realize that she is connected to someone who bears no ill will against the mobster but wants payback against Carly–for something.

This got Soap Hub wondering who that person could be… and we came up with Skye Quartermaine… or Lorenzo Alcazar. Both had reasons to hate Carly, and they had a daughter together – Lila Rae.

The Players
Sure, we know that Jason supposedly shot and killed Lorenzo (Ted King) to protect his half-sister Skye (Robin Christopher), but there was a story several years ago about Skye believing that he might still be alive and masquerading as a man named Tomas.

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She followed a lead that took her to Llanview to speak with Tomas’s sister, Téa. Both Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) and Tea insisted Tomas couldn’t be Lorenzo.

They went to meet with him but only a CIA agent arrived, saying Tomas was on another assignment. Could he be Lorenzo and the “mystery father” that seems to be pulling Nelle’s strings?

Skye and Carly
Skye had a long and complicated romantic history with Jax (Ingo Rademacher). At one point, she offered to help him win back Carly by pretending they were back together to make Carly jealous. It backfired for Skye when those old feelings for Jax came back, and she wanted another chance.

Unfortunately for her, Jax really did love Carly and spurned her offer. Add to that Carly’s acrimonious relationship with Michael’s father, A.J., who just happened to be Skye’s half-brother and that put the rivals at odds as well.

And That Kidney?!
So, how would Lila Rae be enough of a genetic match for Josslyn then? It could be…continue reading on the next page —>

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