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Is Nelle Actually Carly’s Daughter on General Hospital?

General HospitalNelle and Carly on General Hospital

On General Hospital, the duplicitous Nelle clearly has some sort of vendetta against Carly.

Since arriving in Port Charles, she wormed her way into Carly’s life, making herself an indispensable part of her personal and professional life. At first, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) seemed totally sweet and on the up-and-up; then, she drugged Sonny, put him to bed, crawled in next to him, and convinced him they’d had sex.

And, recently, viewers saw Nelle has a baby rattle with the name Caroline on it. Soap Hub asked General Hospital fans if you think Nelle could actually be Carly’s daughter.

Mother and Child
Nearly half of you, 49%, are convinced Nelle is Carly’s daughter, and that this is a redux of the Carly/Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) story from years ago. Remember, Carly arrived in Port Charles to wreak havoc on her mother Bobbie’s life and had an affair with her husband, Tony. You believe Nelle’s goal is to do the exact same thing to Carly and ruin her life.

No Way
Some 36% of you believe Carly and Nelle are somehow connected, but you don’t believe it’s by blood. Nelle seems a little too interested in Michael (Chad Duell), who would be her brother, if she was Carly’s child. Your thought is that Nelle might somehow be related to Carly’s old friend, Charlotte Reese Roberts, the teenager whose identity Carly assumed after she was believed to have died.


Totally Clueless
The remaining 15% of you are unsure about who Nelle really is and her link to Carly (Laura Wright). It’s obvious Nelle wants to pay Carly back for something. It also appears that the plot has something to do with Nelle’s dad. In fact, he seems to be the force behind the whole twisted thing.

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