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Will Michael Forgive Nelle for All She’s Done on General Hospital?

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Michael’s falling for Nelle on General Hospital, unaware that she has a secret agenda against Carly.

Since Nelle arrived in Port Charles, she’s been plotting to get even with Carly (Laura Wright), although viewers still haven’t a clue why.

Her most dastardly scheme was convincing Sonny (Maurice Benard) they had a one-night stand, when they actually didn’t. Then, she taped him admitting to the indiscretion and taking total blame for it, and followed that up with sending a flash drive of his confession to Carly.

Poor Michael is clueless to all of the above. Soap Hub asked General Hospital fans if you think he will forgive Nelle when the sordid truth comes out.

No, He’s Smarter Than That
Once Michael (Chad Duell) learns that Nelle has been conspiring to ruin Carly’s life and blow up his happy family, he’ll be done with her, say 49% of you.

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You feel he’s too smart to be fooled by someone the likes of Nelle, let alone get involved with her. She’s clearly messed up and twisted. Besides, as the kindest and most honorable member of the Corinthos family, Michael deserves a heck of a lot better than Nelle.

Perhaps, But It’s Complicated
Some 38% of you are on the fence regarding this one. You think Michael could forgive Nelle (Chloe Lanier) once he hears the whole story and, particularly, what’s been motivating her.

It could make him understand the reasons behind her extremely bad behavior. Michael has always been open minded and willing to listen before he judges people. Either way, it’s going to be a complicated storyline.

Yes, Love Is Blind
Since Michael is totally smitten with Nelle, 23% of you are expecting him to totally forgive her…continue reading on the next page —>

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