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General Hospital’s Big Blunder We Don’t Understand: Writing Off Lulu

Laura and Lulu General HospitalLaura and Lulu General Hospital

Shaking things up is understandable. Writing characters off for dramatic impact is acceptable. But rendering General Hospital’s fiery Lulu comatose with a traumatic brain injury is absolutely intolerable – and the soap’s biggest blunder of the year.

General Hospital Writes Off Lulu

Simply put, this move makes no sense. Actress Emme Rylan has been divine in the role of Luke and Laura’s daughter. She’s the perfect blend of her superstar TV parents, a fiery top-notch performer. Plus, as a character deeply connected to the core of the soap and its late 70s/early 80s heyday, she should never have been let go.

Lulu on Her Own

Beyond all that, Rylan kept Lulu alive and vital when Dominic Zamprogna opted to leave the soap as her husband, Dante, in 2018. In the process, fans continued to root for her and were even on board when she found love again with Dustin (Mark Lawson). Yet, they still longed for the big payoff moment, when Zamprogna’s Dante would return to Port Charles and shake everything up.

Enter Dante

That moment finally arrived this fall. Lulu and Dustin exchanged “I love you’s” for the first time and had agreed on living together, when Dante suddenly turned up at the door. In an instant, Lulu’s whole world was turned upside down.

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Lulu’s dilemma was a dream come true for fans. They’d waited two years for this story to be told. They were eager to see it play out and ready to endure the long drawn out twists and turns, as Lulu grappled with her feelings for Dustin and undeniable draw to Dante. Surely, it would take months. Maybe even a year. No matter, fans were totally on board for the rocky ride.

Soap Sabotage

That is, until the GH writers sabotaged the whole plot. First, Dustin was killed off in The Floating Rib explosion. Then, Lulu collapsed, was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, and slipped off into a coma – as she was trying to tell Dante that she still loved him. A three-fold blunder at inexplicable record speed.

The abrupt twist has shocked viewers. They’re devastated by Lulu’s dismal fate, and crushed that their hope of a Dante and Lulu reconciliation has been annihilated. The only saving grace is that Lulu is still alive. But if and when she ever returns remains to be seen.

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