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Are Andre and Franco The Dream Team For Jake on General Hospital (GH)?

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Jake has buried memories from his time in captivity with Helena on General Hospital (GH), which both Franco and Andre have tried to bring to the surface.

The child shares a special connection with his former art therapist, Franco (Roger Howarth), who seemed to be on the verge of a breakthrough with him.

Unfortunately, Jake’s father, Jason (Billy Miller), but the kibosh on their sessions, since he doesn’t like or trust Franco.

So Jake is now being counseled by Andre (Anthony Montgomery), who’s slowly trying to gain the boy’s trust. In the interest of what’s best for Jake, Soap Hub asked if you think Andre and Franco should team up to help the tyke.

Yes, Team ‘Em Up
Whatever gets Jake to open up must be done, say 91% of you. The child has some serious issues that need to be resolved. So, you’re all for Andre and Franco working together to help him; particularly since Jake has bonded with Franco.

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The sooner Jake reveals all, the sooner he can be counseled by Andre and begin the process of healing from whatever happened to him while under Helena’s (Constance Towers) care.

No, Keep Them Separate
Although you like Franco, 9% of you think he and Andre should keep their time with Jake separate. Franco has no real training and is going on gut instinct to try to get Jake to share his thoughts.

Andre, meanwhile, is a trained professional. He is best equipped at tending to Jake and his fragile psyche. Franco should simply be a friend, who offers support from the sidelines.

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