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FrankenDrew? Dranco? How General Hospital Fans Really Feel About This Out There Storyline

Franco General HospitalFranco General Hospital

General Hospital fans have historically been able to put up with quite a bit. There was the deadly disease spread by a bunny rabbit. There was the weather machine. There was the golden-haired Aztec princess, the latex face-mask of impersonation, and magic BLTs from Kelly’s.

Also, there was Casey the Alien, and finally there still is Sonny, the mobster with a heart of gold. So, really, the soap is open to anything, as long as the story is good.

So now we have the story of Franco (Roger Howarth) having Drew’s (Billy Miller) memories downloaded into his own noggin. They’ve overwritten his own, and now he has no idea who Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) or Scott (Kin Shriner) or, really, anyone is.

He is, however, familiar with Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and Kim (Tamra Braun). But how do fans feel about this out there tale? Here is where over 8,000 stand.

It’s creepy and ridiculous, 82% of you huff in indignation. Sure, you’ve put up with a lot over the years, but this is beyond the pale! If you loved Franco, then you’re furious that the personality that talked a lot and overcame a serial killer past is gone — seemingly — for good. What does this mean for Liz and the kids?

On the other hand, if you hated him, the last thing you need is Franco on the front burner, with everyone telling him what a great guy he used to be, talking to him and about him, take precious screentime away from characters you do care about.

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Only 18% see it as a fresh tale soaps haven’t already done to death. It isn’t the usual amnesia tale, and it isn’t the usual interloper takes over someone else’s life. You honestly have an idea where this story will go, and that’s very refreshing for a veteran viewer.

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