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Why Shiloh Needs To Die NOW On General Hospital

General Hospital ShilohGeneral Hospital Shiloh

There’s a point where some characters jump the shark, are written into a corner, or cannot be redeemed. Or, a combination of all three. Shiloh seems to have reached all those points multiple times on General Hospital, yet there doesn’t seem to be a bottom and every time you think he can’t get any worse, he does.

Shiloh started out interesting enough. Sure, we didn’t trust him, but at first, we didn’t even know he was a cult leader. He was Hank (aka David Henry Archer), a man who knew Drew back in Afghanistan, and was also the son of one of the older men Sam conned and married in her pre-PC years.

This was exciting at first. A man who knew BOTH Drew (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco), possibly revitalizing the Drew/Sam/Jason triangle that never had a chance to really be for some unknown reason. We also got charismatic actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin. We were there for it.

And then, we weren’t. As soon as Hank walked into Oscar’s hospital room and we realized he was a cult leader, things started going south. WAY south. Like take it down to Key West, Florida for the Southern Most Point of The United States south.

There was only one way this cult story could go once we saw Daisy’s tattoo. It was easy to recognize it was a play on the real-life cult, NXIM, which has been in the news this year. This was a sex cult. Shiloh would turn out to be a rapist. We knew that — and a serial rapist at that.

Never mind his creepy scenes with Sam as she somehow managed to con him. Never mind how he nearly did drug, brand, and nearly rape her. That was as low as we thought it could go.

Then, we saw his scenes with Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and it started to creep lower, but last week takes the cake and we wonder if GH could dream up any lower than this.

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