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Five Fast Facts About General Hospital’s James Patrick Stuart

General Hospital James Patrick StuartGeneral Hospital James Patrick Stuart

Valentin Cassadine is a character who plays his cards close to his chest. Therefore it’s very difficult to learn anything about him that he doesn’t want to be known. However, Valentin’s portrayer James Patrick Stuart is very open about his personal life so here are five fast facts that you may not know about this fascinating actor.

Singer/Songwriter Royalty
t’s really no wonder that Stuart is such a talented singer and performer. His father, Chad Stuart, was one half of a popular “British Invasion” pop duo Chad and Jeremy.

Chad and Jeremy had a number of popular U.S. singles including Willow Weep for Me and A Summer Song. The performers guest stared on famous television series such as The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Patty Duke Show. They were even kidnapped by Catwoman who planned to steal their singing voice in a two-part episode of Batman.

Early Works
Ten-year-old Stuart’s first onscreen role was Doctor Zee on the popular Sci-Fi series Galactica 1980. He appeared as “Day Bellhop” in the film Pretty Woman in 1990 and starred in the period drama Gettysburg three years later.

Force Of Nature
In 1989, Stuart found himself down on his luck. He was going to acting school with Benicio del Toro and Mark Ruffalo and hitting up every audition he could make. He snagged a reading for a part in the New York-based All My Children and during the meeting, the room began to shake.

Turns out Los Angeles was in the midst of an earthquake but an unfazed Stuart continued reciting his lines. He remains certain that his coolness under pressure landed him the job.

He Has A Type
Valentin isn’t the only soap opera baddie that Stuart has played. His character, Will Cortland, on All My Children was a slimy good for nothing who raped Gloria Marsh and planned to do the same to his new bride Hayley.

His death, and the accompanying “Who Done It?” mystery remains one of the most popular stories in daytime history.

Voice Over Artist
Not only is Stuart a dynamite performer but he is a well-accomplished voice over artist. A mall sampling of his work includes voicing Avalanche on Wolverine and the X-Men, Private the Penguin and Joey the Kangaroo on Nickelodeon’s The Penguins of Madagascar, and Xigbar in four “episodes” of the Kingdom Hearts series. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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