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Krazy Like a Kim: Does She Strike You As Nuts On General Hospital?

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No one is claiming that General Hospital’s Kim has had an easy last couple of months. Oscar (Garren Stitt), her only son, died. Drew (Billy Miller), the guy who doesn’t remember the relationship which produced Oscar, wouldn’t help Kim (Tamra Braun) make another Oscar, then left town.

Kim’s boyfriend, Julian (William deVry) was no help in the make-another-Oscar department either. And now Franco (Roger Howarth), the reformed serial killer, is walking around with Drew’s memories, kissing Kim in random hospital hallways.

That would drive anyone around the bend. Has it all been too much for Kim? Has she gone crazy? (Was she already crazy?) Almost 3,000 fans play arm-chair shrink:

Hearing Voices
A majority 88% are definitely seeing the signs of Kim’s descent. You don’t blame her, but you are concerned. First, because she’s a doctor. Crazy people should not be treating the ill. Maybe Kim should take some personal time. And second, because Kim needs help.

She should get therapy to deal with the loss of Oscar. Lots of psychiatrists specialize in that. The whole my ex-lover’s memories are in some other guy’s body and so he thinks we’re a thing problem… we’re not sure if there are folks who specialize in that. Then again, in Port Charles, it might be the top medical school rotation!

Leave Her Alone
The woman says she’s fine, 88% remind. Believe her and move on. Kim is that rare Port Charles woman who didn’t go weak at the news at the sight of Sonny (Maurice Benard). That suggests she’s stronger than the average bear.

She raised Oscar alone, and though she made the stupid decision not to tell him about his illness, she dealt with his deterioration as well as can be expected. Kim survived Oscar’s death, she’ll survive Drew leaving, and whatever happens with Julian. Kim is FINE. Remember, she says so. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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