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Take A Chance: Should Kristina and Valerie Be A General Hospital Couple?

Kristina and Valerie General HospitalKristina and Valerie General Hospital

Kristina is having a stressful time on General Hospital. When her love life fell apart and she was having a hard time finding a job with no college degree or experience (but a whole lot of mafia princess entitlement), Kristina dived head-first into a cult. Lead by a guy who had a big ax to grind with Kristina’s sister, Sam.

Her family, lead by brother-in-law/Daddy’s enforcer, Jason (Steve Burton), kidnapped Kristina for some deprogramming.

Meanwhile, Valerie (Paulina Bugembe)…is a cop. She was Kristina’s wing-woman, for a while, when Kristina was trying to make her ex, Parker (Ashley Jones), jealous. And… uh… yeah, that’s about it. Valerie doesn’t have all that much going on. However, the two did share a kiss a few months ago before Kristina decided to give Dawn of Day a whirl.

Would both their lives improve with a hookup… that might turn into something more? What over 9,000 viewers think:

Forget About It
No, 87% of the audience is putting their feet down. Two boring characters do not become more interesting by hooking up with each other. Kristina and Valerie are nice enough people, but what’s the hook to this relationship?

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What do they have in common? What will they fight about? Where’s the drama, is what we want to know. So far, we just ain’t seeing it.

Give It a Shot
Why not, a minority 13% of you shrug. Maybe a romance between Kristina and Valerie is just what both characters need to light a fire under them and get viewers to care.

The fact is, we really don’t know much about Valerie, despite her having been on the canvas for years. Maybe there’s a nice juicy secret in her past. She is a Spencer, after all. They’re not known for their squeaky cleanliness. Kristina does love to whine and feel sorry for herself. Maybe Valerie can give her a good reason.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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