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Is Now The Ideal Time To Bring Serena Baldwin Back To General Hospital?

General Hospital Cody and ScottGeneral Hospital Cody and Scott

General Hospital viewers suspected Cody Bell was hiding a secret. Why come to town if you aren’t? We also could see that he was balancing a chip on his shoulder. Again, what’s the point of coming to Port Charles without one? What we certainly didn’t expect was for him to spit out that he was the long-lost (or, as he’d put it, abandoned) son of the late Dominique, which made him Scott Baldwin’s defacto stepson, and Serena Baldwin’s half-brother.

General Hospital: Share and Share Alike

Cody (Josh Kelly) is cranky for a lot of reasons. He resents having been given up by Dominique as an infant. He resents that Scott (Kin Shriner) isn’t a mind reader who, after tragically losing his wife, didn’t say, “Hmmm, I wonder if my lost love had a baby she didn’t tell me about. Just to be safe, I should probably launch a worldwide search and, if I do find this heretofore unmentioned child, I should give him half of my daughter’s inheritance.”

Oh, and Cody is really, really mad that not only did Serena not share her inheritance with him, but that she gave the whole thing away to charity, so now he can’t even sue her for his presumed share.

GH: Speak For Yourself

But why not let Serena lay out her own case for why she did what she did on General Hospital? Now would be the perfect time to bring back not only Scott’s daughter but the infant that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) carried and gave birth to. She and Serena have always been close, especially when Lucy was her stepmother.

Unlike Cody, Serena is strongly connected to characters we already love. She can get to know her new brother, as well as some of the eligible bachelors of Port Charles. Scott keeps getting long-lost sons who then proceed to die. Why not actually spend some time on him and the daughter he raised?

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