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We Love Lucy: Does General Hospital Need More Of Her?

General Hospital Lynn HerringGeneral Hospital Lynn Herring

Lucy Coe has been a mainstay in Port Charles for decades but she hasn’t been seen a lot on General Hospital. Does that need to change STAT?!

After all, Lucy (Lynn Herring) does provide a lot of comic relief while also providing continuity of history — especially where Kevin (John Lindstrom), the former love of her life, is concerned. She was around during all of that Ryan madness.

She has also been the driving force behind The Nurses’ Ball, has a long history with Monica (Leslie Charleson) – having once been married to her late husband Alan, and so many others. But does Port Charles need lots more Lucy or is she better in small doses? Over 5,000 viewers have weighed in on the subject.

We Love Lucy
Lucy needs to regain her rightful place front and center, according to 60% of you. Lucy adds zing and pop and tons of fun and that’s something Port Charles has been in dire need of — especially with a serial killer on the loose.

Besides, Lucy could add a ton to that story — wouldn’t it be great if she were more involved?

Ryan could kidnap her and she could completely drive him crazy. (Because he’s not crazy enough.)

What do you think? Post a comment!

Or she could team up with Felicia to try to turn her “doc” back to the good side, not realizing it’s really Ryan. There are so many possibilities when it comes to Lucy — the show just needs to throw her in the mix and see what shakes out!

A Little Goes A Long Way
For the other 40% of you, small doses are much better when it comes to Lucy. She can try the patience of a saint and you’re no saint. But if the visits are kept short and with a great purpose, you’re all for it.

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