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Why Is Michael’s General Hospital Plan To Get Sonny Corinthos A Mess?

Will it be Michael or Sonny Corinthos for the win?

michael's plan to get sonny corinthos on general hospital is too complicatedWhy isn't Michael Corinthos taking the obvious route?

Michael is really, really mad at his dad on General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos left Michael’s mom for that evil Nina. And now Sonny must pay! Michael hired Dex to…do something underhanded while working for Sonny. But, so far, nothing has really come of that clever plan.

General Hospital: A Convoluted Mess

So, after weeks and weeks of watching Dex (Evan Hofer) get distracted by Joss (Eden McCoy) and seeming to forget his Destroy Sonny agenda, we have to ask: Why doesn’t Michael (Chad Duell) just take down Sonny (Maurice Benard) in the most obvious way possible?

GH: Paradise Lost

Michael grew up in Sonny’s mob. He may not know where all of the bodies are buried. But he certainly knows where some of them are. Is there a reason he isn’t taking this information straight to Mac (John J. York)? Sure, Jordan (Tanisha Harper) may have no clue what to do with such evidence, but we have faith in Mac being able to figure it out.

Sonny Corinthos: Proof Positive

And even if Michael doesn’t have all the details the District Attorney might need, surely he can point the cops in the right direction? Even boring details like the shipping schedule at Sonny’s “coffee” warehouse should offer some clues.

Not to mention what Michael learned about AJ’s death. Remember how mad he was at Sonny for killing his biological dad…for a couple of weeks? He even took custody of Avery away from him. But then Michael got over it, and he and dear old pops were best buds again.

General Hospital: Cowardly Lion

And this is where we get to the root of the matter. On some level, Michael must know that his snits at Sonny never last long. He won’t admit it to himself – or to Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) – but, deep down, Michael knows he’ll forgive Sonny sooner rather than later. That’s why he’s not all in on this destroy Sonny movement. The last thing Michael wants is to bring down his dad’s criminal empire…just in time to be pulled back into the business.

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