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Why General Hospital’s Carson Should Never, Ever, Ever Get Back Together

General Hospital Sonny CarlyGeneral Hospital Sonny Carly

When General Hospital officially broke up Sonny Corinthos and Carly Corinthos once again early this year after Carly found Sonny in bed with Nina Reeves on the Haunted Star, we hoped it would be for good, and their most recent conversation confirmed our thoughts.

General Hospital: A Toxic Relationship

From the start, back when Sarah Joy Brown was still playing Carly, this pair was toxic. It was hate sex that brought them together, it was hate sex that created a baby Carly eventually miscarried, and since then they have been married and divorced five times, something Carly (Laura Wright) thought should mean something. But it doesn’t mean what she wants it to mean. Getting married five times doesn’t mean you are meant to be. It means your relationship is a mess, and there is a reason you have also divorced multiple times.

This divorce came because of Carly’s sighting in that stateroom but considering this wasn’t the first, second, or even third time Carly has walked in on Sonny (Maurice Benard) in bed with another woman, that just adds to the theory that Carson is just not meant to be. Heck, the last time Carly caught Sonny in bed with someone else, it was her divorce lawyer. That should have told her something then, but nope. Because that’s Carly, a woman who can’t read the room much less the writing on the wall.

Let It Be Over For Good

As Sonny and Carly argued over the same exact thing for the umpteenth time since last fall when Sonny made his return to Port Charles, memory intact, it became clear how toxic this General Hospital pair really is, and it’s something they should be able to see if Carly would just stop shouting. The Nixon Falls tale essentially tells you everything you need to know about Carson.

Sonny fell off a bridge in Secaucus, NJ after chasing down Julian Jerome (William deVry), washed up in Nixon Falls, PA, and Carly didn’t even bother trying to find him. Presumed dead? Great. Then, guess he’s dead. This was Carly’s chance. The one she lost when she had that hate sex with Sonny all those years ago. It was her chance to be with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), the man she has wanted since the mid-1990s.

General Hospital: Oh Sonny

And Sonny? Well, he didn’t want to know who he was. And he was adamant about that before Nina (Cynthia Watros) found him and after. Yes, he knew he had a wedding ring, and dreamed of a blonde woman, but you didn’t see him making any effort whatsoever to find out who she was or who gave him that ring. There’s a reason for that. He was free. Free of Carly and free of every stress he faced and was looking for a different life.

If you finally find your freedom from a marriage and a relationship due to unusual unforeseen circumstances and you grab on, then maybe that relationship was either never the right one, to begin with, or had finally run its toxic course. Sonny and Carly are better off without one another and we hope it stays that way.

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