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Why Did Martin Grey Fold So Quickly To Michael of All People on GH?

Three GH paths he could have taken instead.

general hospital martin grey and michael corinthos.Martin Grey and Michael Corinthos.

General Hospital fans thought Nina was in the clear as far as the truth coming out about her reporting Drew and Carly to the SEC. Ned, who knew, fell in a pool and got amnesia. Martin Grey, who was the one who actually made the call to the SEC, never told them Nina’s name and attorney-client privilege prevented him from spilling about who tipped him off.

Martin Grey Folded

But that was before Michael (Chad Duell) demanded Martin (Michael E. Knight) give up the name of his source. And Martin…folded like a cheap bendy straw. Here are three things the Kentucky Fried Lawyer could have done instead.

General Hospital: Back and Forth

Hey, remember when Michael was coming off all threatening to Martin? We in the audience were too busy giggling. But Martin? Martin could have slipped his hand into his pocket, tapped the record button on his phone, and then have evidence he could take to the nearest police station and accuse Michael of extortion. Michael came in wanting to play Mob Daddy’s Chip Off the Old Block Wannabe. He could have left in cuffs, and Martin’s — and Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) — secret would have stayed safe.

GH: I Lie My Body Down

Martin is prevented by law from revealing anything his client told him. He could be disbarred for what he did. But there is no law that stops Martin from…we dunno…LYING. Why did he feel he had to tell Michael the truth? He could have said anything. He could have accused a person who he knows is dead. A person who is currently out of town, and there is no way for Michael to find him. He could have accused Sonny (Maurice Benard) and then let Michael chase his own tail, wondering what to do. By the time Sonny denied it, Martin could have left town…or prepared better for Plan #1, above.

Martin Grey: Right Back at You

Michael has a wife and two young children, right? Martin has a brother, right? How about Martin laughing at wee Michael’s wee threats and asking him how safe he thinks his wife and two young children would be from Martin’s brother? That would have stopped any further discussion in its tracks.

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