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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For GH: Amanda Setton

Amanda Setton shined as Brook Lynn challenged Granny Tracy on GH.

amanda setton shines as brook lynn on general hospital.Amanda Setton brings the drama on General Hospital.

As Brook Lynn Ashton, Amanda Setton has always shown the strength of a true Quartermaine. This was very evident in her recent scenes when Brook Lynn confronted her beloved and exasperating “Granny” Tracy on General Hospital.

Amanda Setton – Performer of the Week

Upon learning that Tracy (Jane Elliot) is behind the problems Deception is facing, Brook Lynn demanded an audience with her grandmother — her backgammon game with Finn (Michael Easton) be damned! Tracy attempted to tell Brook Lynn that she was in the middle of a game but that wasn’t the case after BLQ smacked the board off the table sending its pieces to the floor. “Now, you’re not,” Brook Lynn asserted to a surprised Tracy.

“Why’d you do it?” Brook Lynn demanded to know as to why Tracy hurt her pals at the cosmetics company. Tracy deflected her granddaughter’s concerns pointing out that her great-grandfather Edward (the late, great David Lewis) believed that there were no friends in business.

The two women sparred in rapid-fire fashion recapping their past deals. “You used me,” Brook Lynn snarked. “You used me — to get Chase [Josh Swickard] his job back,” Tracy said. Brook Lynn persisted in finding out why Tracy deliberately chose to hurt her friends and co-workers.

As GH viewers and fans of Tracy are well aware, she is able to fire back a quip faster than anyone often knocking other characters off their game in the process. Setton, however, plays Brook Lynn as indeed Tracy’s granddaughter. She clearly inherited part of Granny’s assertiveness and resolve. When Tracy suggested that Brook Lynn’s love for Chase had softened her, Brook Lynn quickly replied that Luke’s death had hardened her. (Nice one, Brook Lynn!)

“You’ve not only destroyed a company, you have destroyed dreams — do you understand that?” Brook Lynn told her Granny.

“Who sets out to ruin people’s lives, Tracy?” Brook Lynn rhetorically asked. “Oh, wait, I’m sorry, of course — a Quartermaine. Well, look how well that’s turned out for this family.”

Without losing any of her anger, Brook Lynn couldn’t help but play hurt as she fired off her last remark to her father’s mother: “No wonder my dad woke up thinking he was someone else. Who’d want to be your kid?” (Ouch.)

On that hurtful but accurate feeling, Brook Lynn exited the room leaving Tracy behind to ponder her granddaughter’s words while Amanda Setton left us applauding her terrific acting abilities, going head-to-head against Elliot, and for playing her character as a woman who cares deeply for those she loves. Bravo!

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