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Making GH Make Sense: Reconciling The Charlotte Cassadine Conundrum

How can Charlotte Cassadine be both a GH outcast and a popular mean girl?

charlotte cassadine on general hospital.What is Charlotte Cassadine up to?

Characters on soaps, General Hospital in particular, often say one thing while meaning another, and do a third. This isn’t new, or even particularly interesting. But, sometimes on soaps, in general and GH in particular, viewers get two different pieces of information that don’t seem to fit — Charlotte Cassadine is a case in point.

Charlotte Cassadine: What Are You Doing?

We scratch our heads and don’t know what to make of it. But, have no fear, SoapHub is here! We’re going to reconcile all those pesky contradictions so that the story makes sense again. As much as it can, anyway. Until the next discrepancy pops up. Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) is the girl of the hour, thanks to Anna (Finola Hughes) shooting her.

He Said/She Said

Everyone is talking about Charlotte. What they’re saying makes little sense. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Charlotte’s one-time stepfather, said that Charlotte doesn’t really fit in with the other kids. On the other hand, a few episodes earlier, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) announced that Charlotte was the most popular girl at school. How can both things be true?

Secondhand Hearsay

Neither Elizabeth nor Dante go to school with Charlotte. Both are relying on secondhand information. The difference is in where — and who — that information is coming from. Elizabeth, presumably, is getting her intel from Aiden, who was in Charlotte’s class back in the day when she was bullying him. So, of course, to Aiden, he felt like the whole world was against him, everyone was on Charlotte’s side, which proves she’s popular and Aiden isn’t.

Two Levels Down

What Aiden wouldn’t have the maturity, or the background knowledge to realize, is that bullies often pick someone else to target the class’s anger on — so they won’t think to pick on her. Charlotte wasn’t bullying Aiden because she was popular.

Charlotte was bullying Aiden in order to become popular — and not to be bullied herself. Something that her mother, Lulu (Emme Rylan), and her then-stepfather, Dante, would see from where they were standing. There. We’ve made that puzzle make sense. What else have you got for us?

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