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On the Couch: Why GH’s Jake Webber Fell For Charlotte’s Lies

Is this a GH Cassadine plot?

a deep dive on jake webber of general hospital on the soap hub couch.Jake Webber on GH.

We realize that Charlotte Cassadine and Jake Webber are just kids on General Hospital. But they are definitely not in the middle of a light-hearted teen storyline. Sure, they went on a couple of dates and listened to Violet “adorably” question them about it. But that was the end of the light-heartedness.

On The Couch: Jake Webber

Now, Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) has been shot and she is determined to convince Jake (Hudson West) that Anna (Finola Hughes) did it on purpose. We don’t blame Jake for believing her. However, we put him on the couch to extract exactly why.

The Early Years

Like so many soap opera children, Jake began his life as the legal son of one man and the biological son of another. So far, so predictable. Like a handful of soap children, Jake then “died.” And, like many, many soap opera adults, Jake then came back to life. This is tough for a grown-up to deal with.

Can you imagine how confused Jake was when, first, he was taken from his parents, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson). Then, raised on some island with a brainwashing expert Helena (Constance Towers). Thankfully, he was then found by Lucky and returned to Elizabeth. This led to him being told that Jason (Steve Burton) was actually his father. His joy was then turned to confusion when he was told that Drew (Cameron Mathison) was Jason. But, wait, no, he was actually Jason’s twin brother. Is it any surprise Jake doesn’t trust adults…like, at all?

Taking Advantage

Charlotte knows that. And, Charlotte is playing it for all it’s worth. Of course, Jake will believe it when Charlotte says Anna is lying. Adults lie! Not to mention, we still don’t know exactly what Helena did to Jake during the years she had him.

If Charlotte is presumably triggered by the letter and cards Grandpa Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) sent her, how do we know that the words she’s using aren’t also triggers for Jake? This could be a very, very deep con. Cassadines are good at that. Does Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) take emergency walk-ins?

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