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Just GH Friends: Why Laura & Robert Scorpio Should Stay That Way

There is no way this could go right.

Robert Scorpio and Laura, General Hospital

From the moment Robert Scorpio first appeared on General Hospital late 1980, there was a contingent of fans who believed this was the man who could steal Laura Webber away from Luke Spencer. Especially since Laura and Luke were in one of their “off” periods then.

General Hospital: Friends, No Benefits

But the timing was never quite right. Especially since, for most of the time, both were in Port Charles, one of them was either madly in love with someone else…or dead. Currently, Laura (Genie Francis) is married to Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), and Robert (Tristan Rogers) has his hands full with an allegedly amnesiac and back from the dead Holly Sutton (Emma Samms). And that’s a good thing. Which should stay that way.

My Chemical Romance

Sure, Laura and Robert have chemistry. (And not just because they played hostile exes of The Young and the Restless.) But it’s of the friendship variety. There is a smooth groove in their interactions but no heat. They like each other. They’re comfortable with each other. They get each other. But that’s where it ends.

Robert Scorpio: The Biggest Stumbling Block

But that’s not the biggest issue or reason against Laura and Robert going from friends to lovers. Heck, the relationship we just described could also apply to Laura and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom). And she actually married him.

The biggest reason against Laura and Robert being together is that they’ve both had more. They know what it’s like. Laura and Luke (Anthony Geary) had the love that launched a People Magazine cover. Even Laura and Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) had the kind of young love that teen romance novels are made of.

As for Robert, there was Holly (Emma Samms), who he obviously can’t get out of his system, no matter how hard he tries, and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), who fills his need for a friendly adversary to snark with, while never allowing anyone else to say a bad word about her. At best, Robert and Laura would be each other’s third best. And they both deserve more than that.

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