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‘Dead’ Again: Is This the End of Holly Sutton on General Hospital?

The show had several options…and chose wisely.

General Hospital Holly blows Robert a kiss goodbye

Holly Sutton is “presumably” dead again on General Hospital. Of course, no one on soaps is ever truly dead, and thankfully this time, Robert Scorpio and Felicia Scorpio know the truth. Even if they didn’t, and the show had gone that route, there were still ways it could be undone.

Holly Sutton: I‘ve Looked At Life From Both Sides Now

There are some obvious scenarios at play here, with the most obvious one being the one they chose — that Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Holly (Emma Samms) are working together to get her out from under Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) thumb.

After all, that nasty Victor can’t make a dead woman do his dirty work, can he? By faking her death, Robert would be able to let Holly steal away to someplace safe — and search for her son. Thankfully, this was the route they took.

GH: Tell Me, Who Are You?

If they hadn’t, we would have been wondering who that was who went up in flames. They could have been a professional Robert hired. An ex-WSB agent who knows how to pull off these kinds of cons. Or maybe they could have said it was Paloma!

Sure, Holly said she saw Victor shoot her sister in front of her eyes. But if Victor faked Holly’s death, he could certainly fake Paloma’s, too. They could have said Paloma was the one who stole the jewels, held Laura Collins (Genie Francis) at gunpoint, and then got careless with a stove. And the real Holly was still out there, hiding, waiting for the right time to resurface. But that’s not the way GH ended up going.

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General Hospital: If All Else Fails

The worst, most unforgivable option for fans would have been if Holly really was truly, and most sincerely, dead this time. But then we would have to ask ourselves what story point this served. Robert had already thought his ex-wife was dead, so it wasn’t keeping him from getting involved with anyone else.

Not only that, he’s already mourned her once — well, twice, really — so what was the point of watching him do it again, especially since he’s on so rarely, it’s likely he’ll be doing most of it off-camera. Luckily, General Hospital wisely chose to do the first option, leaving the story open for Emma Samms to one day return — and that is winning as far as Robert and Holly’s fans are concerned.

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