Wells Adams Calls “BS” On Colton Underwood

The Bachelor Colton Underwood Wells AdamsThe Bachelor Colton Underwood Wells Adams

Former Bachelorette star Wells Adams knows a thing or two about current Bachelor Colton Underwood.

In fact, the Bachelor in Paradise bartender knows the 26-year-old so well that he doesn’t believe Colton when he says he’s OK with being “the most hated Bachelor.”

“BS! He was a professional athlete. That means you’re the most competitive. If you’re really competitive, you don’t want to be known as the worst, you want to be known as the best,” Wells told Entertainment Tonight.

“Who wants to be the worst guy, or is he OK with being the worst?”

In the promo for next week’s episode, Colton not only said he’s alright with being hated, he also said he thinks he could leave the show not engaged.

As much as Wells disagreed with the first part, he actually happens to agree on the second part!

“I don’t think he needs to get engaged,” the 34-year-old said.

“It’s a huge decision. Make sure you [choose] the one that you want and not the one you think people want.”

And, speaking as a friend, Wells would like to see Colton loosen up a little bit.

“He’s obviously very self-aware, which I think is good for life but terrible for this show because you’re constantly worried about the optics of it all, and how this is going to translate on television,” Wells said.

“I think he fell in that trap in Paradise, where he was like, ‘Everyone is going to hate me if I keep on hurting this Tia [Booth] girl’s feelings so I need to kind of pretend to be her boyfriend!’ That’s the wrong play.”

He continued, “He should’ve, day one of Paradise, been like, ‘Listen, it’s not going to happen. I want to date other people.’ I hope he doesn’t fall into the same traps here, like, ‘I need to date so-and-so because it’s going to look the best.'”

Does Wells know best? Do you think Colton will end the season engaged?!

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