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This Is Us Recap: Parenting A Touchy Issue On Season 2 Ep. 2

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Break out your hankies. This Is Us is hitting hard on parental issues. But, before we get into season 2, episode 2’s high drama let’s look at a lighter moment.

Kevin was asked back to play his old part on The Manny. Not thrilled with going backward to go forward, he tells Sophie he’d like to use this chance to move his audience like George Clooney did when he returned to ER.

Not likely with this particular casting. During the show, the stage manager gives Kevin new pages. He’s so freaked out by the fresh words that he tells Sophie he doesn’t have it in him to continue. She demand he to make this a Clooney moment, hinting that her man has skills and now is the time to pull them out.

So, Kevin makes an appearance on stage–wearing a diaper. Seems he has lost the family baby and is instructed that if he acts like one he will find her. He crawls around as the studio audience predictably roars.

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In attendance is his family. All reunited to watch their star do his thing at the scene of the original crime against Kevin being a genuine thespian. However, quite a few have fled even before the curtain rises.

There’s Kate, who receives a phone call shortly after she sits down. She learns she has been tapped for the first booking of her new profession as a singer. One caveat: Kate must report to the venue then and there for the sound check.

Sound check? This sentence fragment floats across Toby to Rebecca, who perks up. Ever the entertainer, Kate’s aging mom has always been a tough act to follow as far as her daughter is concerned. Her shy passion for the profession Rebecca gave up causes conflict.

In fact, Kate’s reaction to what she perceives as continuous criticism, both now at 37 and in her teen years, is resentment. Lots. While that is to be expected from a girl not yet out of her parents’ house, it’s sad the feeling continues long after she leaves. A case of arrested development or simply a lack of real communication? It’s…continue reading on the next page —>

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