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Top Six OMG Moments From Dynasty Season 3 Episode 2

Dynasty FallonDynasty Fallon

The writer of the newest Dynasty episode — titled Caution Never Won a War — seems to be out to (painfully) prove three of the oldest and most steadfast adages: Don’t count your chicken’s before they hatch, the path to true love is never simple, and loose lips sink ships.

Dynasty – Best Laid Plans

Construction at Sammy Jo’s (Rafael de la Fuente) new hotel uncovers a walled-up antechamber housing artifacts that prove the building was constructed by Atlanta building czar Bernard McCarty. As such, the entire structure was to be designated as a historical landmark dedicated to the man and his memory.

At first resistant to the idea, Sammy Jo was soon planning a media blitz replete with a high society gala to launch the project — heck, he was even going to emblazon McCarty’s insignia on the hotel’s toast.

But, then, he learned — from McCarty’s great-granddaughter — that McCarty was virulently opposed to members of the LGBTQ community whom he considered abominations. “So you’re telling me that the whole city is invited to my hotel to commemorate a famous homophobe? Well, that’s not great.”

Scheme and Scheme Alike
With Blake (Grant Show) now imprisoned, he called Cristal (Daniella Alonso) and Adam (Sam Underwood) and warned them that Blue Belt Vineyards’ board of directors is considering an offer that would sell the company right out from under him. So, he needed them to be his proxy at the next board meeting to squash the coup.

But Adam did one better. Not only did he arrange to have the meeting moved up but he somehow wrangles the position of acting CEO. When confronted, he dismissed Cristal’s concerns since, “There’s really not much you could have done there, you know, considering you’re not a Carrington.”

Forget Me Knot

Although Fallon (Elizabeth Gilles) should probably be just the teensy-weensiest bit concerned that her sentencing hearing is fast approaching — gasp! a Dynasty character having to take responsibility?! — she a=was more concerned with spending the 48 hours slapping the amnesia out of Liam (Adam Huber).

However, try as she might, Fallon just couldn’t seem to break through. The perfectly arranged slideshow jogged zero memories. Having the first meal they shared together (pan-seared Chilean Sea Bass) prepared and sent to his hospital room didn’t work.

Something Smells Fishy
Even spritzing with his very favorite scent elicited nothing — well, nothing except the ire of Liam’s mother. “Oh! What on earth? It smells like a fish brothel in here!” Deciding that drastic action must be taken, Fallon kidnapped Liam and wheeled him out to the bench where they had their first meeting.

And mama bear Laura (Sharon Lawrence) responded just as one would expect. She had a restraining order drawn up that will ensure Fallon has to stay 50 feet away from her — and, by extension, Liam whom she will be with “constantly.”  She’s even got a high-tech measuring device that will beep whenever Fallon is less than 50 feet from her. Fallon’s totally adult response? “Beep YOU bitch!”

Open Mouth, Insert Gucci Slipper

When one is jailed for murder, especially on Dynasty, it behooves them not to admit to a fellow cellmate and an undercover cop that they are indeed guilty of their crime. Blake apparently did not get that memo.

On the subject of his hands, Blake tells Michael (Robert Christopher Riley), “…they’re plenty dirty. I’d tell you to ask Mack, but see, these hands they took care of that problem. So unless you want to end up at the bottom of the lake, you better shut your mouth!”

Love On The Inside
Having already had her position in the family usurped by Adam, Cristal decided to ensure that it would never happen again. And to that end, she arranged a jailhouse wedding for herself and Blake. It was romantic… as far as jailhouse weddings go. “Okay, wrap it up so I can return you to your cell…and lose the boutonniere. I mean, unless you WANT someone to stab you with it in your sleep.”

Put On Notice – Dynasty Style

Having already put Dominique (Michael Michele) on notice – “…since Blake and I just got married, that makes me a Carrington too. And a much more powerful one than you” – Cristal made a beeline for Adam.

“…I feel quite confident that my husband wants his brand-new wife to steer the ship.” Adam wasn’t quite ready to admit defeat so Cristal agreed to keep things the way they are — “for now.” Oh, and just in case Adam might be left feeling a little uncomfortable, he didn’t have to call Cristal Mommy!

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