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Dynasty 2017 Episode 3 Recap: Money, Greed And A Hidden Cell Phone

Dynasty RecapDynasty Recap

On Wednesday, Dynasty was back with more of Cristal’s (Nathalie Kelley) backstory after the newest Carrington found herself torn between what happened in her past and what could happen in her future.

It seems Cristal’s sister, who is Sammy Jo’s mother, was in big trouble in her native Venezuela and that meant pleading for funds from her sibling to end this most recent mess.

Cristal was out of luck as far as taking a large chunk of money out of her bank account because of her prenup with Blake (Grant Show). That somehow meant the only other option was for Cristal and Sam to steal a piece of rarified bling from the Carrington charity gala they attended that night.

On the episode called Guilt Is For Insecure People, Cristal modeled the necklace so no worries about stealing it, right? Wrong! Jeff Colby and Blake entered a bidding war for the precious necklace but Jeff won so Cristal had to hand it over.

Also, Blake’s new wife was having second thoughts about doing this deed. So, Sammy Jo (Sam Adegoke) took over, going to the couple’s bedroom to take Cristal’s engagement ring, Blake’s emerald cufflinks and some of his rare watches.

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Oh, and while he was there, Sam apparently took something even more precious than those baubles: Matthew’s cell phone.

Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) had been trying to find that phone earlier but her dad caught her in the act. Not good. Apparently, that phone held evidence of who was responsible for killing Blaisdell in the oil field.

Meanwhile, Steven (James Mackay) was out on bail as being the culprit for that crime since law enforcement still believed he was the bad guy. Turns out that bad guy may ultimately turn out to be Blake, who was very upset when he realized the phone had been taken.

In fact, the head of the Dynasty family proclaimed that if the truth came out because of what was recorded on that particular cell then the Carrington name would be in ruins. Uh oh!

Dynasty 2017 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m., ET, on The CW.

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