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Top Four OMG Moments From Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1

Dynasty Grant ShowDynasty Grant Show

Season premiers are notoriously tricky episodes. There’s always so much to unpack, storylines and plot points to wrap, questions to answer and new adventures to set your characters on. And with a rapid-fire paced soap like Dynasty, it can be even more difficult.

Last season, the nighttime serial ended with the discovery of two bodies found submerged in a lake bordering the estate, the possible death by drowning of Fallon’s husband Liam and the arrest of Fallon’s would-be husband Michael.

But in the first few minutes of the newest episode – titled Guilt Trip to Alaska – we learn that Michael is now in a prison cell and that Liam survived his brush with the afterlife (although he is in a coma). Life is never simple if your last name is Carrington, and you quickly learn that no good deed goes unpunished (even if you’re not the one getting the punishment).

A Haunting in Atlanta

Fallon’s (Elizabeth Gillies) worst fears are confirmed when one of the bodies is positively identified as Trixie, the playmate she accidentally murdered years earlier. To make matters worse, Trixie begins to haunt her killer which makes life a little difficult for Fallon. After all, she isn’t used to having a spectral Jiminy Cricket trying to convince her to do the “right thing.” Then again, no one on Dynasty is, which is part of the fun!

Since Fallon isn’t exactly the best judge of right and wrong, she initially thinks that an apology to her victim’s mother will solve the problem. It does not – but it DOES set off a panic attack in the elderly recipient. Then she tries to assuage her guilt by setting up a scholarship in her frenemy’s name.

That doesn’t do the trick either. And when Fallon finally talks to Trixie’s ghost, it tells her that the only thing that will help is for her to tell the truth. So Fallon does. Kinda. She just happens to lie about WHO it was that helped dispose of the teen’s corpse via the lake. After all, shifting the blame onto the other dead person found in the body of water isn’t all that bad.

It’s all hands on deck at Chez Carrington, and the family goes into immediate cover-up mode in an attempt to hide their involvement with either one of the deceased lake dwellers.

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Blake (Grant Show) insists that Anders (Alan Dale) continues to assist in any way he can but the faithful butler finally puts his foot down and tells his master no! He is tired of enabling Blake and he is moving on to other endeavors.

Dynasty… Forget Me Not

Fallon’s timely arrival manages to save Liam (Adam Huber) from getting injected with a mystery substance courtesy of the ever scheming Adam (Sam Underwood) but the author still isn’t out of the woods yet.

His unconscious state persists for days and Fallon begins to fear he will never wake up. But wake up he does. Only, he can’t seem to remember Fallon. Not her face, her name, their relationship, and certainly not their marriage. But he DOES remember his ex-girlfriend Ashely Cunningham (Taylor Black)!

Police Custody
After being expressly forbidden by Blake to get involved with the mess he got the family into, Adam is then warned by Crystal that he better do something to right his wrong.

To that end, he sneaks into the hospital morgue and arranges for Mack (the second lake victim) to be sent to a crematorium. However, his actions seem to have been for naught because later that night, police officers storm the mansion and place Blake into custody for Mack’s murder. Now there’s a Dynasty cliffhanger!

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