Top Five Questions We Want Ziva To Answer On NCIS

NCIS Ziva David July 10, 2019NCIS Ziva David

It was a shocker (sort of) when Ziva popped up alive on the season finale of NCIS considering everyone thought the former special agent had died in Israel a few years previously. Now that we know she’s alive, in the infamous words of Ricky Ricardo, she’s got some ‘splainin to do.

While her reappearance answers one giant question NCIS fans have had ever since that explosion, it’s left us with several more questions we hope the show answers when it returns for its 17th season. Here are the top five questions we hope Ziva (Cote de Pablo) answers!

5. Charred Remains
Someone died that day because a body was found in the wreckage and believed to have been Ziva — so whose body was it? Who did she have staying with her and her daughter and where was Ziva that she wasn’t there at the time?

4. On the Run
When the team cornered Trent Kort, the man responsible for Ziva’s ‘death’ and killed for it, he claimed that he had no idea Ziva was even in her father’s farmhouse at the time — that he was after a file of her father’s, so he had the place torched. So why did Ziva need to go into hiding?

3. Dropping Clues
If Ziva wanted to disappear, she knows how to tie up loose ends better than most. So the fact that Ellie (Emily Wickersham) found her ‘secret apartment’ and clues to Ziva still being alive never made sense (neither did the apartment). So what gives?

2. Saving Gibbs
So Ziva is back to save her father figure, Gibbs (Mark Harmon), which we can all get behind, but how long is she back for? And how did she know he was in trouble? She’s always had amazing connections but wouldn’t that mean letting others know she’s alive? Isn’t that risky?

1. Family Ties
An even bigger question — where has she been? Did Tony (Michael Weatherly) go to Paris, which was special to them both, because they are living as a family there? It didn’t make sense for Tony to leave his support system when raising daughter Tali. So…is ‘Tiva’ reunited?

Does our top five match your burning questions about Ziva’s return on NCIS? What else are you wanting to know and do you think NCIS will give those answers? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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