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Top Five Men We Loved Over All Seasons of The Bachelor

The Bachelor Sean LoweThe Bachelor Sean Lowe

There have been so many seasons of The Bachelor — 23, to be exact — but there are only so many good ones. While a lot of men only appear on the show to find fame and fortune, there are a few gems who truly wanted to find love.

Here’s a ranking of the top five on The Bachelor of all time, from worst to best. See if you agree with our list!

5. Jason Mesnick
Jason Mesnick may be up to this point the most emotional Bachelor we’ve ever seen. Mesnick didn’t make all the right choices and he didn’t always handle himself perfectly, but we have to commend the fact he followed his heart and went after his runner-up, Molly, after the show had ended.

4. Brad Womack
Fans definitely have a love-hate relationship with Brad Womack, especially because he was The Bachelor two different times and both stints didn’t work out. It wasn’t that he was a great Bachelor — because he wasn’t — but he was highly entertaining.

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3. Bob Guiney
Who could ever leave off loveable and adorable Bob Guiney?! Guiney was one of the earlier Bachelors — back when they didn’t cast from the previous season of The Bachelorette — and he was an amazing change of pace. He was goofy, silly, and didn’t take himself too seriously.

2. Ben Higgins
The Season 20 Bachelor was young, yes, but he had such a pure heart and just wanted to find love. While other Bachelors have seemed only in it for the fame, that definitely wasn’t the case with Ben Higgins. Though it ultimately didn’t work out with him and his ex-fiancée, Lauren Bushnell, we still view him as one of the best.

1. Sean Lowe
There’s no arguing this one — this Season 17 Bachelor was definitely the best of all time. Not only was Lowe super kind, sweet, and sensitive, he handled the difficult breakups with such ease. Plus, he’s still the only Bachelor to ever marry the girl he picked on the actual finale.

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