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This Is Us Recap Season 2 Episode 4: Ending Shocker Is New Beginning

This Is Us RecapThis Is Us Recap

This Is Us returned to NBC with a through storyline that tackled the difficult topic of racism.

This uncomfortable situation was seen through flashbacks to when the kids were little. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) were unwillingly subjected to her mother’s scrutiny and harsh and unhealthy directives.

This was especially true when it came to young Randall (Lonny Chavis), who learned the meaning of being shunned for no reason. Rebecca unequivocally threw her mother out.

Meanwhile, the show opened just in time to watch Kevin (Justin Hartley) go into knee surgery in this episode entitled “Still Here”.

The meniscus operation was no big deal for the 37-year old actor. What was a big deal was getting better as fast as possible so he could get back to work on his war movie.

He pushed through without succumbing to the regular rigors of recovery and didn’t resort to taking pain meds until he absolutely had to.

Is this a good idea? Depends on your viewpoint but the former football player did get back into the acting game as quick as a quarterback making a surprising touchdown from way down the field.

So what was up with Randall (Sterling K Brown)?

He was consumed by his foster daughter’s hair. So was Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), who said that something had to be done about this mess because it, quite frankly, had been stinking up their house.

She offered to help Deja (Lyric Ross) who reluctantly accepted, whereupon certain bald patches were discovered on the back of the 12-year-old’s head.

Braids hid the patches, but the young woman felt betrayed by her temporary mother when she confided in her husband about the problem. Deja then took it upon herself to quickly cut off every single carefully braided strand.

As for Kate (Chrissy Metz)?

She was on track to try every kind of diet and exercise routine known to (wo)man. She ate as little as possible (even a very healthy bran muffin Toby uniquely placed before her) did yoga, exercise videos, and more, all apparently in order to lose weight.

Wrong. We get a clue about what’s to come in the shocking ending of this This Is Us episode when Kate heads into a drugstore to buy what we are led to believe are diet aids.

Not so much. In fact, in the last scene she had her feet in stirrups as her gynecologist gave her a sonogram.

Guess what? She’s pregnant. Six weeks pregnant. Wow. Wait until Toby finds out.

This Is Us airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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