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Mom’s EP Explains Christy’s Exit in Wake of Anna Faris’s Departure

Mom Christy and BonnieMom Christy and Bonnie

Mom fans have been preparing for what will become of Christy Plunkett after star Anna Farris announced she would not be returning for Season 8, and the show’s EP has finally revealed what viewers can expect.

Mom Without Christy

And no, it won’t involve a death or return to the bottle. According to an exclusive interview with TVLine, series co-creator Gemma Baker shared that viewers will be “satisfied” with Christy’s “new path” when all is revealed upon Mom’s return, scheduled for Nov. 5.

“One of the beautiful things about recovery is that quite often people’s lives get bigger and better than they could have imagined,” Baker told the site. “And that will be Christy’s experience. We are pretty sure that our audience, many of whom have been rooting for Christy since the pilot, will be happy for her and satisfied by her new path.”

Of course, even if Christy has found happiness elsewhere—be it with a new job or new relationship—her exit is sure to be a downer for Bonnie (Allison Janney), who spends so much time with her daughter and relies on her for so much.

More news sure to please viewers is the marriage between Bonnie and Adam (William Fichtner) will stay strong, even without Christy being there to intervene in their disagreements and fights.

Baker said the characters of Bonnie and Adam will realize they “actually really like each other” when confronted by an empty apartment and work together to help another couple try to achieve their level of happiness.

That could mean good news—or bad news considering the source—for another of Mom’s couples, be it Jill (Jaime Pressly) and Andy (Will Sasso), Tammy (Kristen Johnston) and Chef Rudy (French Stewart), or maybe Wendy (Beth Hall) will finally find love. Whoever it is, it’s sure to be one rousing double date with Bonnie involved.

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