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Manifest Season 2 Finale: Seven Questions That Need To Be Answered


As Manifest gets set to air its final episode of Season 2, fans are hoping that the NBC show answers some burning questions about Ben Stone and company. While a cliffhanger is expected, it would be appreciated if some light was thrown on some of what’s happening.

After all, too many questions without answers can cause a show to go off the rails. Here are seven burning questions fans hope to get some answers to:

Manifest Destiny

Since Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely in New York, five years after it departed from Jamaica, there have been a lot of theories surrounding what happened and why the passengers felt as if no time had gone by at all.

While this most certainly won’t be answered in full, it would be nice if there was some hint at what happened. And with Ben (Josh Dallas) seeing the plane explode in his most recent “calling,” maybe that will tie into the mystery and shed a little explanation. If not, what does that calling mean?

Good or Evil?

Speaking of the callings, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben have used their newfound power to do a lot of good and save a lot of people, but are they really good? According to Adrian (Jared Grimes), he believes the callings are really meant to have the passengers serve as agents of the apocalypse. So which is it? Good or bad?

Date With Death

Michaela and Zeke (Matt Long) had their dream wedding last week, knowing that Zeke’s frostbite was getting worse and his death date only days away. Will Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) be able to find a cure in time? Will Zeke really die? And does that mean the passengers are going to die on June 2, 2024?

Dark Shadows

Cal’s (Jack Messina) first-ever calling’s drawing showed three mysterious shadows that were recently revealed to be the criminals involved in the meth ring. Now that they’ve escaped and are lurking outside the Stone’s house, will we find out who (or what!) they really are?

Return To Sender

Back in Manifest Season 1, Flight 828 pilot Bill Daly (Frank Deal) believed he had the answer to what happened to his plane and so stole another plane, kidnapped scientist Fiona (Francesca Faridany), and flew into a major lightning storm against warnings from the government.

The plane was supposedly shot down, but no wreckage was ever found, making most believe the plane shot off to whatever void the original 828 was in. What really happened and will we ever hear from Captain Daly again?

Major Issue

Director Vance (Daryl Edwards) seems to disappear for episodes at a time and though he finally showed himself to Saanvi this week, it’s rather odd that he would hide out for so long when he was so deep into the mystery early on.

What is he really doing and where does he go? Is he more involved in what happened than anyone thinks? And isn’t it odd that he disappeared about the same time as the Major (Elizabeth Marvel)?

Garden of Eden

Baby Eden seems normal enough, but considering Grace (Athena Karkanis) was having callings while pregnant, there’s obviously something strange about this kid. Does the baby possess any special powers? We need to know! The Manifest finale airs tonight on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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