Jimmy Kimmel Grills Bachelor Colton Underwood …About Being A Virgin

The Bachelor Colton UnderwoodThe Bachelor Colton Underwood

Jimmy Kimmel can try his hardest, but Bachelor Colton Underwood is not going to spill any details about this season, let alone his sex life!

The leading man stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, January 14, to talk about the contestants, his time as The Bachelor, and whether or not he’s lost his v-card.

Like most people have done this season, Jimmy asked the 26-year-old if he’s still a virgin and whether or not he did the deed in the Fantasy Suite.

“I will say the fantasy suite was the most pivotal week of my journey,” Colton shared.

“You did go to the fantasy suite?” Jimmy asked.

“Yes, I made it to that week,” Colton quipped back.

Jimmy was also curious about whether Colton had a microphone on while in the Fantasy Suites.

“You’re mic’d until you open up the door and then right when you get to the other side of the door they de-mic you,” Colton shared.

“They take it off or they tell you they’re not listening?” Jimmy asked.

“They take it off, but I checked the rooms,” Colton added.

Jimmy applauded Colton’s quick thinking, especially because he wouldn’t want anyone listening to him having sex!

“That’s not dumb, that’s smart! Because I’m thinking about it now, if there was tape of me losing my virginity, it’d be the funniest thing you ever heard,” Jimmy said.

“I’d be begging. The songs of the ’80s playing on the car radio. It really would be crazy.”

He continued, “We keep hearing that you’re a virgin, but you’ve probably had sex 185 times by now.”

Colton added, “I don’t know. I don’t know what to say.”

Do you think Colton is still a virgin? Do you think he loses it during the Fantasy Suite dates? Let us know what you think!

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