Five Fast Facts About Empire Star Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard EmpireTerrence Howard Empire

Terrence Howard has been working in Hollywood for a number of decades in everything from film to television. Currently, he’s the star of Empire on FOX, which he has been on since its debut in 2015.

Despite being an open book, there’s still a lot to learn about the actor, including details on his childhood, his movie roles, and his relationships. Here are five fast facts about the star!

1. Rough Upbringing
Much like his character on Empire, Lucious Lyon, Howard also had a difficult childhood. He had an abusive father who ended up going to jail after stabbing another man.

2. Iron Man Switch Up
Howard was cast as Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the first Iron Man film with Robert Downey, Jr., which was released in 2008, but the franchise ended up recasting with Don Cheadle for the second and third Iron Man films, as well as the Avengers movies.

3. Hairy Situation
Empire creator Lee Daniels was not a fan of Howard’s hair during the filming of the pilot because it was too poofed up, so he made him change it for future episodes. If you go back and check out the pilot, his hair does look different!

4. The Marrying Man
Howard has actually been married four different times but to three women. He first married Lori McCommas in 1994 and they got divorced in 2003.

But, he ended up re-marrying her in 2005, which lasted until their eventual split in 2007. He then married Michelle Ghent in 2010, but they split in 2013. His last marriage was to Mira Pak in 2013, which ended in 2015.

5. Terryology
Yes, Howard formed his own language of logic called Terryology. He revealed a few years ago this “language of logic” would be used to prove that “1 x 1 = 2.” He took this logic to Twitter in 2017, but many of his followers quickly criticized his thinking.

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