Chris Harrison Hopes To Be Back At Bachelor Mansion Next Season Following Wildfires

Chris Harrison The BachelorChris Harrison The Bachelor

The famous Bachelor Mansion was one of the many homes that was damaged during the horrible California wildfires, but host Chris Harrison is hopeful it’ll be available for the show again soon.

He recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the damage and explained that the home was thankfully not destroyed.

“The house that we use for production, office space and storage, that burned down. Then the outside patio, which was wood, burned down and stuff melted around the house,” he said.

“But the actual house is standing. Hopefully, we’ll be back shooting at the mansion next season [for The Bachelorette]. The goal is to get back there.”

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, which is set to premiere in January, filmed at the mansion before the fires started.

Though we know it as the home of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, it is actually a private home owned by Marshall Haraden. In fact, his family lives there when the show is not filming!

“I know Marshall and the Haraden family very well because they’re neighbors of mine. I was texting with Marshall throughout the day during the fires making sure that, first of all, he and his family were safe and that they got out,” Chris said.

“I live just the next exit over and I knew it was coming through our area, but I heard that his canyon was getting hit particularly hard. That day, he let me know he wasn’t sure about the house.”

He continued, “Most of that day, we didn’t know, and we assumed it was gone because the fire was rushing through that canyon so fast and it was so ferocious.”

We’re so happy to hear the house is still standing and that it may be used next season. There can’t be a season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette without the iconic mansion!

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