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Bachelorette Star Wells Adams Gushes Over Sarah Hyland

The Bachelorette Wells AdamsThe Bachelorette Wells Adams

Bachelorette star Wells Adams tried to find love on television, but it took sliding into Modern Family star Sarah Hyland’s DMs to land an awesome relationship.

The happy couple have been together for more than a year and love spending time together, which obviously includes watching The Bachelor together!

“We had a good time [watching the show] last night. Poor thing had a call time at, like, 4:30 this morning,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

“I was like, ‘Do you want to stop and we can finish tomorrow?’ And she was like, ‘No! We gotta finish this thing.'”

Wells recently moved to Los Angeles to live with Sarah and they are still going strong!

“It’s not hard to love her. She’s gorgeous and beautiful and smart and talented… With her health issues and stuff, everyone goes through things in their lives, it just so happened that when we started dating she was going through a very big thing,” he said.

“But as our lives unfold together, there’s going to be things that happen to me when I’m going to lean on her. Every relationship is a give and take.”

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He continued, “It was nice that I was able to help her with her issue, but there will be times when I need her help.”

Sarah opened up about her serious health issues last month and revealed she considered suicide after finding out she had to have another kidney transplant.

“He was there through all of that. I think that’s why I feel the most beautiful in his eyes, because he still finds me beautiful after seeing all that,” she told Self.

“It was a really intimate start to a relationship to have to go through those hurdles at the very, very, very beginning when you’re just even getting to know a person.”

She continued, “Also, falling in love with someone before you can really be intimate. I did not believe that that was a thing, but it is.”

We absolutely love them as a couple! Do you think they will get engaged soon?

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