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Would Fans Accept an EJ Recast on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

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On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), when trying to make sense of the fact that her son, Will, has been brainwashed into believing that he’s her ex-husband, EJ (ewww), Sami uttered the observation that Will couldn’t be EJ. Because EJ is British. And tall. And straight. And dead.

EJ also used to be played by actor James Scott, up until his “death.” The quotes are there because Will was once believed to be dead, too. And this is Salem, after all.

If reports of EJ’s death have also been exaggerated, and Scott is not available to reprise the role, would fans accept a recast of Elvis Junior? Over 10,000 viewers voted on whether they’d want their Hunka Hunka Burning Love back by any means necessary.

The King Has Left the Building
There can be only one EJ, and he can only be played by one person, insist 59% of you. It’s either Scott or the grave. Sorry, Sami (Alison Sweeney). And Susan (Eileen Davidson). You can’t just go around recasting people merely for storyline purposes.

Imagine what would have happened if there’d been more than one Hope (Kristian Alfonso). Or Bo (Peter Reckell). Or Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). Or Roman (Josh Taylor). Oh, wait….

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One In a Million
Even if Scott were one in a million, that still means there are a few thousand people out there in the world just like him. And one of them could come and play EJ, reason a more open-minded 40%. The show must go on!

After all, Sami was once recast with a man! If the fans could stomach that, they can stomach anything. EJ’s mom needs him, EJ’s kids need him, and maybe he’ll even be able to point us in Stefano’s direction. There is too much potential story on the table to just walk away from.

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