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What Is Anjelica REALLY After on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

Days Of Our Lives

Anjelica Deveraux is back on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). And who might she be?

The Many Faces Of…
Anjelica was played by Jane Elliot (most recently Tracy on General Hospital) from 1987 to 1989, briefly by Shelley Taylor Morgan in 1989, and by Judith Chapman (currently Gloria on The Young and the Restless) from 1989 to 1991.

She was Jack’s stepmother (she married his adoptive dad, Harper, who was eventually revealed to be the Riverfront Knifer because he knifed people… on the riverfront), and Justin’s (Wally Kurth) baby mama.

(Yes, soap fans, that means Elliot and Kurth played lovers on DAYS, and mother and son on GH.)

Cheating Hearts
Anjelica had an affair with Justin while she was married to Harper, and Justin was estranged from Adrianne (Judi Evans). Victor (John Aniston) knew her resultant baby was a Kiriakis, and so tried to marry Anjelica after Harper was exposed as a killer.

Anjelica turned Victor down and married Neil, instead. When Neil ran out of money, Anjelica ran out of interest.

Anjelica used their son, Alexander, to try and lure Justin from Adrianne. When that didn’t work, she tried to blow up Adrianne’s construction company. Justin was not amused, and Anjelica let him believe that she and Alexander were killed in a plane crash.

Later, she did an about face and decided the boy would be better off raised by Justin and Adrianne, stepping out of Alexander’s life for good. (Guess joint custody isn’t a thing in Salem?)

Guten Morgan
Well, now Anjelica is back, played by 80s icon Morgan Fairchild, and she wants… The Salem Spectator.

Really? That’s all she wants?

Why? To get back at Adrianne, who isn’t even married to Justin anymore? To get back at Jennifer, who was married to Anjelica’s beloved stepson, Jack (yes, she really did care about the boy, and was his mother longer than Harper’s first wife, or Jack’s biological mom, Jo)?

Both of those reasons seem… flimsy.

Anjelica was never a think small kind of gal. Odds are, she has a bigger agenda. Does she want Justin? Or could she be after the billionaire who got away… Victor?

Maybe they’re working together to install a new Kiriakis heir on the throne? Where is Alexander these days?

Could The Spectator takeover be just a smokescreen… or the first step of a much larger corporate coup?

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