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Maximum Overload: Was Rolf’s Plan Crazier Than Usual On Days of our Lives?

Days of our Lives Kayla and RolfDays of our Lives Kayla and Rolf

On Days of our Lives, Rolf planned something really special for fans to wonder if it’s too crazy even for Rolf. Prior to his arrest, the (good) doctor was ready to inject Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) with… an embryonic Stefano?

Days of our Lives Polling

A baby who, upon birth, will be implanted with Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) personality? Yeah, we admit it, we’re a little fuzzy on the details. Which brings us back to crazy? Has Rolf (Will Utay) gone too far this time? The word from almost 2,000 fans:

Moral Event Horizon

We know that Rolf can transplant embryos. He helped Kristen (Stacey Haiduk) steal Tate right out of Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) womb. We can know he can submerge one personality beneath another. He turned Hope (Kristian Alfonso) into Princess Gina, and Steve (Stephen Nichols) – then Chad (Billy Flynn) – into Stefano.

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But now Rolf wants to genetically engineer a baby body and stuff Stefano’s conscience into him? So we are… what… going to have an infant with the mind of an 80-year-old criminal mastermind? How will he convey his evil schemes – through baby sign language? Will he take his Strega from a baby bottle? Will his ex-wives and children be changing his diapers? The mind truly boggles.

Or does Rolf mean to raise little Steffy into his former boss? If so, does he have some life-extending serum for himself? Whatever the answer, 94% of you are simply not down for any version of this story.

Go Big Or Go Home

Only 6% of the audience is psyched about this latest plot point. Especially if it means that Rolf succeeded with his plan before Steve burst in, and now Steve will be in the position of raising baby Stefano! This could be a soap opera plot like no other. But very, very DAYS. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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