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Was Abigail Right To Read Kate’s Letter On Days of our Lives?

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On Days of our Lives, Gwen sarcastically outlined her plan to Jake. Did he really think she concocted some long con that involved learning that Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Jack (Matthew Ashford) had had a one-night stand while Jennifer (Cady McClain) was in a coma? And then did he really think she tricked Abigail (Marci Miller) into finding Jack’s letter to Kate about it in Kate’s closet while looking for shoes? And that she then got her drunk enough to read it at a party most of the town was attending?

Days of our Lives Polling

Jake (Brandon Barash) said that’s exactly what he thought. And he was right. Nevertheless, Abigail did tell Jake that Gwen encouraged her to read the letter – she didn’t force her. Was Abigail right to make that call?

Wrong Turn

That letter was none of your business, Abs, 79% of you lecture sternly. You do not go into someone’s bedroom and go digging through their stuff, even if the letter does have your dad’s handwriting. Your own past is hardly stellar. Do you want strangers rifling in your underwear drawer for dirt?

Furthermore, your parents’ relationship is your parents’ relationship. It’s also none of your business. There was nothing to gain here and everything to lose. But you went ahead and did it anyway.

Right On

A much smaller 21% of Days of our Lives fans absolutely are on board with what Abigail did. There is no such thing as a secret in Salem, and there is certainly no such thing as privacy. Kate was totes asking for it, hiding a letter in a box in a drawer in an armoire in her room. She might as well have hung up a sign announcing, “I demand you read this, Abigail!”

Plus, it was about Abigail’s parents, and nobody in Salem knows how to stay out of their family’s private business. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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