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DAYS Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: John Confronts Possessed Marlena

DAYS Spoilers Video Preview October 18, 2021

Marlena’s been acting odd for weeks, and John is finally starting to put the pieces together, and it isn’t pretty. The Salem super spy and devoted husband fears Marlena is possessed again in the new DAYS spoilers video preview. So he decides to confront her.

DAYS Spoilers Video Preview

Here is your Days of our Lives spoilers video preview for the week of October 18 – October 22, 2021. With Marlena at risk of being exposed, she does what any she-devil would do: strike back. But will it be at John or someone else?

A Wife Possessed, A Husband on Edge

While John (Drake Hogestyn) calls out, “my wife,” Marlena (Deidre Hall) roars with laughter alone in their bedroom, as the lights flicker and the curtains blow back and forth. It appears that the devil has finally taken full control of the good doc.

His wife’s odd behavior hasn’t gone unnoticed by John, and he starts reaching out to friends about it. “She just isn’t herself,” he tells Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).

DOOL Spoilers: Satanic Signs

Later, the demonic Marlena finds herself in church with Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and Eli (Lamon Archey). And she’s clearly not there to pray. “You’re eyes are so cold,” comments Julie of the friend she no longer recognizes.

Then Paulina (Jackée Harry) crosses with Marlena and looks shocked by something she says. Could the devilish doc be threatening Paulina with her secret about being Lani’s (Sal Stowers) real mother?

DAYS Spoilers: Time the Truth

It looks like John might reveal his suspicions about his beloved wife to his old pal, Abe (James Reynolds). “You don’t think Marlena’s possessed again. Do you?” asks a stunned Abe.

John actually does. When he gets Marlena alone and notices she’s wearing dark glasses indoors – a telltale sign her eyes might be glowing yellow, he confronts her. “Take the glasses off,” demands John. Will Marlena oblige or strike out at her husband?

Apparently, John isn’t the only one getting close to Marlena’s secret. Julie’s been poking around at it too, and it’s really starting to irk MarDevil. So she decides to strike back. “It’s time you both leave well enough alone,” she roars. Then she attacks Julie. See it all for yourself in the sneak preview below.

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