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Second Act: Does Ben Deserve Another Chance on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL)?

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He started off nice enough on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), but then clean-cut Ben Weston went nutsy-cuckoo and started offing people with his necktie.

He kidnapped a pregnant Abigail (then-Kate Mansi), forced her to give birth prematurely in a cabin, then killed the midwife who helped her.

Now it looks like Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) is up for release, and headed back to Salem. Can Ben be redeemed? Almost 9,000 fans cast their votes:

Can a Villain Be a Villain All His Life?
No redemption for Ben, 64% of you chant. The dude isn’t just a once in a while murderer like Gabi (Camilla Banus). And Marlena (Deidre Hall). And Abigail. And John (Drake Hogysten). And many, many other Salem citizens.

Ben is a serial killer. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) thinks he’s an unrepentant killer who should never, ever be set free.

And you agree. What a shame Ben’s doctor believes otherwise. And his is the only word that counts.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Par For the Course
It’s a soap, 36% remind, of course Ben can be redeemed. Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) just spent an entire episode trying to convince Stefan (Tyler Christopher) that he can reform his image.

And she used Steve (Stephan Nichols) as an example of someone the whole town loves. She didn’t mention his past as a thug who tormented Hope and Kim (Patricia Pease). Anyone can change!

Besides, Ben has a great, built-in excuse. His scummy dad, Clyde (James Reade), who abused him as a boy.

Steve’s path to redemption began when he started having flashbacks about his abusive daddy, and how mama Jo had to leave Steve in an orphanage and give up his baby brother, Billy (who grew up to be Jen’s late husband, Jack).

Steve should be Ben’s role model when it comes to how to ingratiate yourself in Salem.

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