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Say It Isn’t So! Abigail Marries Dario on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)

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Second Thoughts
With Chad hovering over her, Abigail has second thoughts about going through with the ceremony. However, “she’s also angry at Chad for letting it get to this point,” says Miller.

“She’s standing across from Dario and about to marry him, and now Chad walks in and tells her she’s not supposed to do it. He should have fixed this… He should have been a man and taken steps to make this not happen [sooner].”

So Abigail proceeds and marries Dario with Chad, “the man she really loves standing there watching,” notes Miller. “Afterwards, Chad congratulates them, but there’s so much subtext. He’s not sincere. He’s just doing it to be a punk.”

Moving On..
As for Abigail, Miller explains that she’s “feeling exhausted. There’s such a heaviness [in her heart]. But she’s made her choice, and now she has to continue with her life.

“She’s prepared to make the best of things with Dario and move forward. She knows there will always be discomfort. There are circumstances that she prefers, but she has to find the silver lining in this.”

Yet, Miller concedes that Abigail will always feel a pull toward Chad.

“Absolutely,” she states. “It’s that way with anybody who has a first love. You think about them through your entire lifetime. They’re always going to be important to you. Chad is always the one for her. He always has been. He always will be.”

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