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Fancy Face Finally Finds Out That Bo Brady Is Alive

DAYS recap for Friday, April 20, 2023: Hope got the shock of her life.

days of our lives recap for friday, april 21, 2023, hope holding a gun on bo brady.Hope Brady: Armed And Dangerous.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Bo Brady comes face to face with the great love of his life. Now it remains to be seen whether or not that old loving feeling will return.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Stephanie and Chad managed to track Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) down, Andrew gave Megan Hathaway a final shot at redeeming herself, and Roman (Josh Taylor) received quite the homecoming. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: The Jig Is Up For Bo Brady

Bo (Peter Reckell) had no sooner dished Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla a single bowl of cold fish stew than he was leading the latter out of her makeshift prison at gunpoint — well, Steve was the one whom the gun was pointed at, but why quibble? — for pastures new.

Specifically, the two were headed for a newly constructed, fully furnished but nonoperational Titan science facility, and Kayla couldn’t have been less pleased. After making one last ditch effort to appeal to Bo’s humanity, Kayla was left to Rolf’s (Richard Wharton) leftover devices and an order to reproduce his [theoretical] Fountain of Youth serum.

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Opposite this, guilt was beginning to eat Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) alive from the inside out. All he could do was sit and flashback to his agreeing to keep Bo’s resurrection just between them while he watched Hope go about the business of conducting a search for Steve and Kayla — all the while managing to be the rock that Steph and Chad desperately need.

Finally overwhelmed by the burden of keeping quiet, Harris insisted to Hope that she must return to Victor’s childhood haunt. And while he copped to not being totally honest about what he found there, Harris refused to shed any more light on the matter, arguing that Hope would understand once she got to the abode. And that this was something she’d have to do on her lonesome.

So, off to the villa Hope went. By the time she arrived, Steve had ceased his incessant efforts to alert someone to his presence [coincidental that!], and all seemed silent.

Suddenly, the door swung open, and in stepped Bo as if emerging from one of her dreams. In her shock, the most Hope could muster was a pitiful sounding, “Oh dear God.”

days of our lives recap for friday, april 21, 2023, has bo brady seeing hope.
Bo Brady did not expect to see Hope there on Days of our Lives.

DAYS Recap: Perfect Timing

Meanwhile, Steph (Abigail Klein) and Chad (Billy Flynn) converged on the site where her mom had most recently been imprisoned, and “Little Sweetness” showed off her honed lock-picking skills.

After narrowly avoiding introducing a metal pan to Chad’s skull, Kayla shrieked at her good fortune. Salvation was at hand, and it was courtesy of her daughter…and her daughter’s…friend?(!)

days of our lives recap for friday, april 21, 2023, stephanie grabbed her mom in her arms as chad watched.
It was a beautiful reunion for Stephane Johnson.

Megan Hathaway’s Subterfuge Is Rumbled

Having been roused from her beauty sleep, a grumbling Megan (Miranda Wilson) grumbled about being forced to receive a visitor — then blanched upon seeing that said visitor was “Special Agent Andrew Donovan, ISA.”

Megan tried to play it cool and coy. Andrew (Colton Little) didn’t appreciate that. Instead, he wanted to get right down to it. Seeing as how Megan’s testimony is verifiably false — Thomas Banks (Eileen Davidson) has an airtight alibi; he was participating in an orgy (!) at the time of Kayla’s abduction — she’s to be “remanded to a black site that makes Statesville look like the Ritz.”

Megan attempted to barter. Andrew could have Rolf’s formula if he’d let her stay put. But no dice. Grousing that she’d forgotten Andrew was from the “law and order branch of the Brady bunch,” Megan finally gave up the goods, for real this time, but only on the proviso that she got to stay put. Once alone, Megan called Harris, suggesting that he take Hope far away for all their sakes. Harris let her know it was too late.

days of our lives recap for friday, april 21, 2023, has megan meeting with andrew at statesville.
Megan Hathaway finally gave up the ghost.

DOOL Recap: Seeing Dead People

Roman’s first stop on his way back from the airport was the Black family’s penthouse. He’d come desperately seeking…something. An update…a friendly face…listening ear…even Roman wasn’t quite sure.

When John (Drake Hogestyn) pointed out that he’d gone incommunicado, Roman confided that he had gone “off the grid for a while” after scattering Kate’s ashes and soaking up quality time with Carrie and Austin and his grandson.

Before John could fill Roman in on recent developments, Marlena (Deidre Hall) emerged. Roman, shocked and awed, took in the sight and took Marlena in his arms. Afterward, it was up to Marlena to explain how she, Kayla, and yes, even Kate, had been cryogenically frozen and then thawed by Megan and how an underling had been the one to end Kate’s life.

days of our lives recap for friday, april 21, 2023, has roman shocked to see marlena alive with john.
Roman Brady was stunned to see Marlena.

At a loss of what to do next, Roman readied to either go to Statesville and “choke the truth” out of Megan or head to Greece.

Enter Andrew with the news that Megan had finally confessed that “the person who took Kayla is Uncle Bo.”

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